‘FIA for All’ Launches Development Plan for Americas Motor Sport

New proposal sets out concrete plans to boost motor sport across the region 

23 November 2021: FIA for All, the campaign led by FIA Presidential Candidate Graham Stoker, has launched an in-depth development plan for motor sport across the Americas region.

The proposal has been overseen by Dante Pescetto, President of the Automobile Touring and Sports Association of Panama (ASAI) and Vice President for Sport Candidate for North America and Central America (NACAM), alongside Carlos García Remohi, President of the Argentine Automobile Federation and Vice President for Sport for Confederación Deportiva Automovilística Sudamericana (CODASUR). 

The plan seeks to implement concrete actions to further promote the sport and help the region to recover from the pandemic, with the aim of increasing participation in a sustainable and accessible way.

It establishes five pillars that would provide a boost to sport in the region by  strengthening existing NACAM-CODASUR clubs and fostering support for new clubs through the dissemination of knowledge and practices. This will be supported by the creation of new championships and strengthening existing ones; identifying talent from the grassroots; promotion of inclusion and accessibility; and taking advantage of the strengths of the sport in each region.

Graham Stoker said: “This proposed development plan for the Americas focuses on continuing to strengthen the region and its clubs. They will grow the sport, whilst counteracting the difficulties faced by the region from the pandemic, whilst working in partnership with key players in each country to improve accessibility to the sport for audiences and competitors across the region.”

Carlos García Remohi said: “With the help of Graham’s team with the ‘FIA for All’ program we will be able to improve everything developed in recent years, both at the level of all the motor sport categories as well as the development of clubs in the region.”

Dante Pescetto added: “The development of the clubs of the Continent since the creation of FIA Americas, through the synergy between the knowledge and resources of mobility and sport, has driven the development of the clubs individually and in unity as a group. We must ensure that we implement action plans from the FIA to perpetuate this momentum.”

Click here to download the full FIA Americas Development Plan in English

Click here to download the full FIA Americas Development Plan in Spanish

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