‘FIA for All’ Launches Governance Vision

In-depth paper outlines vision for a modern federation that truly represents all of its Member Clubs

16 November 2021: FIA for All, the campaign led by FIA Presidential Candidate Graham Stoker, has launched its vision for FIA Governance, setting out the building blocks that will create a modern international federation with good governance at its heart.

The paper, entitled A Governing Body for All, has been developed by Stoker and his leadership team – Thierry Willemarck (FIA Deputy President for Mobility), Brian Gibbons (FIA Senate President) and Tom Kristensen (FIA Drivers Commission President) – in consultation with FIA Members across the world. 

The report outlines 15 pledges that will cement the FIA’s position as a world-leading governing body for sport and a respected international federation of automobile associations:

  1. Maintain Independence and Autonomy
  2. Further improve Diversity and Inclusion
  3. Keep headquarters and offices
  4. Preserve Non-Profit status
  5. Prioritise recruitment and training for officials and volunteers
  6. Ensure FIA partners support Member Clubs
  7. Create an inclusive Governance Model 
  8. Strengthen the partnership between Sport and Mobility
  9. Diversify the Senate
  10. Further empower the Statutes Review Commission
  11. Develop Sustainable Funding Model
  12. Further strengthen Member Grant Programs
  13. Enhance Innovation Fund
  14. Deliver digital-first approach
  15. Safeguard FIA’s Rich History

Graham Stoker said: “I believe in a modern, open, and tolerant leadership who must protect our legacy, values and heritage. I pledge a governance that brings us together for the good of us all… Members and FIA. Through constructive change and a digital-first approach our Federation will continue to get stronger and I look forward to working with all Members to achieve this.”

Click here to download the full policy paper – A Governing Body for All

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