FIA Presidential List Confirmed

Full Presidential List submitted to FIA Nominations Committee 

24 November 2021: FIA for All, the campaign led by FIA Presidential Candidate Graham Stoker, has successfully lodged its full Presidential List with the FIA Nominations Committee, confirming its eligibility for the election on 17 December in Paris.

Each candidate must submit a Presidential List, which is made up of nominations for President of the FIA, the President of the Senate, the two Deputy Presidents and the seven Vice-Presidents for Sport.

For each of the 10 candidates, a written declaration of support from his or her parent FIA Member must be provided. A list cannot include a candidate who is already entered on another list. 

The complete list must also have the support of at least 6 ACNs, at least 6 Mobility Members and at least 6 ASNs. An FIA Member, with the right to vote, cannot lend its support to more than one list.

Graham Stoker said: “I’m proud to confirm my Presidential List for the upcoming FIA elections. My top leadership team of Thierry Willemarck, Tom Kristensen and Brian Gibbons will be joined by my superb group of experienced and committed Vice Presidents for Sport. Together we offer a trusted team with unparalleled experience to lead the FIA at this important time.”

Graham Stoker
FIA President
Thierry Willemarck
FIA Deputy President for Mobility
Brian Gibbons
FIA Senate President
Tom Kristensen
FIA Deputy President for Sport

Vice Presidents for Sport

Surinder Thatthi (Kenya)
Vice President for Sport for Africa
Hermann Tomczyk (Germany) 
Vice President for Europe (with responsibility for Western Europe)
Imad Lahoud (Lebanon)
Vice President for Sport for Middle East and North Africa
Dante Pescetto (Panama) 
Vice President for Sport for North America and Central America (NACAM)
Janette Tan (Singapore)
Vice President for Sport for Asia-Pacific
Zrinko Gregurek (Croatia)
Vice President for Europe (with responsibility for Eastern Europe)
Carlos García Remohi (Argentina)
Vice President for Sport for South America (CODASUR)

They are joined by the six Vice Presidents for Mobility, who have already been elected in regional elections earlier this year.

Thomas Moller Thompson (Denmark) – Region I
Greig Craft (Vietnam) – Region II
Frank Fotia (Canada) – Region III
Ricardo Morales Rubio (Colombia) – Region IV
Simon Modisaemang (Botswana) – Region I ACTA sub-region
Essa Hamzah Alfailakawi (Kuwait) – Region I ACTAC sub-region

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