Lebanon’s Imad Lahoud Nominated as FIA VP for Sport for Middle East and North Africa

FIA MENA Zone Coordinator joins Graham Stoker’s team

8 November 2021: FIA Presidential Candidate Graham Stoker has selected Imad Lahoud to be his Vice President for Sport for Middle East and North Africa (MENA). 
Lahoud, who has a Masters Degree in Law, is a leading figure in Middle East motor sport. He has been the Championship Coordinator of the FIA Middle East Rally Championship since 2014 and FIA MENA Zone Coordinator since 2017. He is also a Member of the Board for the Automobile and Touring Club of Lebanon (ATCL) and President of the ATCL Motorsport Commission. 

In addition, he is heavily involved with motor sport at a global level as President of the FIA Hill Climb Commission and a Member of the FIA Rally Commission.
Imad Lahoud said: “Graham has done so much for Middle East motor sport in recent years so I’m honoured to be part of his team. From delivering grant-aided, low-cost motor sport such as the first ever MENA Cross Car Challenge, to championing digital esports events and supporting young driver training programs, Graham has been integral to the development of motor sport here and he has a huge amount of support. If elected I will help all FIA clubs to further develop grassroots events and create a sustainable pyramid for motor sport in the region.”
Graham Stoker said: “Imad is a true leader for motor sport in the Middle East. He has been behind most of the good work in the region over the last 10 years and deserves to have a more central role in helping to develop the sport in the future. He will lead the way when it comes to creating safe, sustainable, diverse and accessible motor sport for all.”

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