FIA Members Worldwide Back Graham Stoker for FIA President

FIA clubs from across sport and mobility support Graham Stoker Presidency 

10 December 2021: FIA Member Clubs across the world, including some of the most active motorsport and mobility clubs, and the largest clubs in terms of membership, are backing Graham Stoker as the next FIA President.

Clubs from Italy, France, Germany, Japan, Belgium, Portugal, Finland, Croatia, Hungary, Denmark, Malta, Qatar, Lebanon, New Zealand, Thailand, Argentina, Mexico, Panama, Venezuela, Uruguay, Paraguay, Honduras, Kenya, Ivory Coast, Rwanda and many more are supporting Stoker and his ‘FIA for All’ campaign. 

Stoker said: “I am delighted by the trust and faith shown in me by the world’s leading FIA members, I believe I have the experience to lead the FIA and its membership back to strength after the Pandemic and to open a new chapter of its long history. I also believe I have the leadership skills, empathy, clear understanding of the changes in the world, and a deep responsibility to deliver constructive and innovative change. 

“I am fully committed to the development of our Federation and its clubs, in both Sport and Mobility, building on the outstanding achievements of these past 12 years, democratically implementing constructive change to meet our challenges.” 

Many club leaders from these countries will join Graham Stoker’s leadership team and his seven Vice Presidents as part of the FIA World Motor Sport Council, FIA Senate and FIA Commissions. These candidates have confirmed their support with a joint statement:

“As candidates for FIA high office we respect the secrecy of the election ballot, but we cannot be indifferent to this crucial election and in this regard, we fully support the Candidacy of Graham Stoker and his team for the FIA Presidency. Graham has the skills and experience to lead the FIA and we completely endorse his forward-thinking manifesto. His Team has deep experience and understands the clubs, and will deliver constructive change. He has also led a progressive and positive campaign, demonstrating respect for the FIA throughout. For all these reasons, we will be voting for Graham and his team in the upcoming elections.”

Gian Carlo MINARDI – ACI (Italy) 
Nicolas DESCHAUX – FFSA (France) 
Hermann TOMCZYK – (Germany)
Koichi MURATA – JAF (Japan)
Francois CORNELIS – RACB (Belgium)
Carlos BARBOSA – ACP (Portugal)
Jarmo MAHONEN – AKK (Finland)
Davorin STETNER – CAKF (Croatia)
Zrinko GREGUREK – CAKF (Croatia)
Gyarfas OLAH – MNASZ (Hungary)
Irina BOKOVA – (Bulgaria)
Duncan MICALLEF – MMF (Malta)
Imad LAHOUD – ATCL (Lebanon)
Abdulrahman Al MANNAI – QMMF (Qatar) 
Janette TAN – (Singapore)
Theera BUNNAG – RAAT (Thailand) 
Gautam SINGHANIA – (India)
Carlos SLIM DOMIT – OMDAI (Mexico) 
Jorge ABED – OMDAI (Mexico)
Dante PESCETTO – ASAI (Panama)
Sebastian PASTOR – AHAD (Honduras)
Enzo SPANO – TACV (Venezuela)
Carlos GARCIA REMOHI – ACA (Argentina)
Jorge ROSALES – ACA (Argentina) 
Hugo MERSAN – TACPy (Paraguay)
Surinder THATTI – FISA (Ivory Coast)
Alain AMBROSINO – FISA (Ivory Coast)
Amina MOHAMED – KMSF (Kenya)
Phineas KIMATHI – KMSF (Kenya)
Christian GAKWAYA – RAC (Rwanda) 

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