‘FIA for All’ Launches Motor Sport Manifesto

In-depth paper outlines vision for an all-inclusive, all-access motor sport worldwide 

16 August 2021: FIA for All, the campaign led by FIA Presidential Candidate Graham Stoker, has launched its Motor Sport manifesto, setting out the policies that will transform motor sport in the future.

The paper, entitled Motor Sport for All, has been overseen by nine-time Le Mans winner and FIA Drivers Commission President Tom Kristensen, who is the candidate for FIA Deputy President for Sport. 

It covers all areas of motor sport development from safety and education to diversity and access. Objectives include:

  • Prioritising safety in the sport
  • Ensuring motor sport is sustainable and environmentally responsible
  • Guaranteeing anyone with the passion and talent can try motor sport anywhere in the world
  • Rebuilding confidence and investment in championships
  • Being proud custodians of motor sport history
  • Growing the sport’s vital fan base

These will be achieved through a range of global initiatives, such as:

  • Launching an FIA Global Motor Sport Review to build a blueprint for recovery 
  • Nurturing young talent and increasing accessibility round the world
  • Establishing talent detection academies and centres of excellence for training
  • Rolling out development officers to grow the sport amongst young people
  • Establishing young people groups to inform policy
  • Establishing a major Public/Private global development fund for motor sport worldwide
  • Delivering new entry-level championships and pathways to elite levels
  • Developing new low-cost series to make motor sport more affordable
  • Forming an expert body to review, investigate and take action on diversity and inclusion
  • Creating a new commission established to support FIA Sport Clubs
  • Creating a new commission dedicated to optimising the motor sport calendar
  • Backing a worldwide promotional campaign for all motor sport
  • Sharing Best Practice across all FIA championships by a collaborative drive
  • Widening the scope of the Manufacturers Commission to incorporate an advanced engineering Industry Commission 
  • Working with Industry and top universities to provide innovative advanced engineering solutions 
  • Enhancing and expanding on FIA’s successful programme on Women in Motor Sport
  • Continuing and strengthening the FIA education and e-learning programmes 

Click here to download the full Motor Sport for All policy paper

Graham Stoker said: “I’m delighted to present this comprehensive vision for the future of motor sport worldwide. We want to build on the strong work of the FIA over the last 12 years and create a sport that is truly progressive, representing all nations and open to anyone that wants to get involved, regardless of background or finances.

“This is the first opportunity to work with my impressive Deputy President for Sport candidate Tom Kristensen and we will be using our deep experience at all levels of motor sport to implement these ideas worldwide.” 

Tom Kristensen said: “I am excited to work alongside Graham in delivering this motor sport vision. 21 years ago I was driving for a Team in the British Touring Car Championship and Graham was the Chief Steward; now I am a Steward and Commission President and part of Graham’s great FIA for All team.

“I have gained such a wide experience in motor sport through many different series and championships, and have been fortunate to achieve great successes working alongside some of the most talented drivers, mechanics, engineers and team bosses. I now want to apply that deep experience to the FIA, helping our great members and our global motor sport community.”

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